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Does this sound anything like you?
You have a desire to write a book.  You have a dream to double your church in size . 
 You want your church to be spirituality healthy and growing in faith . 

You have doubts sometimes that you have what it takes . You don’t know where you 
could possibly find the time. The whole process just seems overwhelming 

Then this free workshop is for you!
Presented by
Dr. Larry Keefauver
  • Pastor - Served as pastor of multiple churches, including a small rural church and a megachurch of 6000 members
  • Best Selling Author - Author of 60 books, including 15 Best Selling books 
  • Rewriter - Ghostwritten and edited for hundreds of authors, including Josh McDowell, Garry Smalley, John Bevere, John Maxwell, Dr. Don Colbert, Benny Hinn, Robert A. Schuller, Carman, Robert Stearns, Tommy Barnett...
  • Recipient of the ECPA Gold Medallion Award Merit
  • Former Senior Editor of Ministries Today
  • Publisher’s Weekly Star Book of the Month Recognition
  • How to use material you already have - sermons, notes, teachings, PowerPoints, videos and audio, to publish your book in 100 DAYS
  • You don't need writing experience to become a BEST SELLING Christian Author
  • Ways to get your church to take OWNERSHIP of your book
  • Specific resources and tools you need to simplify your book project   
  • Simple proven strategies to DOUBLE your church in 12 MONTHS through YOUR book
  • Your church will grow spiritually healthy when you implement your book project the right way
  • The online marketing platform you need to make your church grow from your published book 
  • The fastest, easiest way to help you write and market a book using my time-tested, proven, bestselling, and simple process.
What Others Say...
A good portion of those in ministry and market place would love to write a great book, but simply do not know where to begin...Dr. Larry Keefauver provides just such a roadmap to achieve that dream for authors, both novice and professional. Who better to address the issues of writing a book from cover-to-cover than Larry Keefauver, having written 15 bestselling books...
Marcus D. Lamb,
Founder – President, Daystar Television Network
Dr. Larry Keefauver is more than a master writer he is a messenger of God's word, a marvelous motivator and an outstanding mentor especially for new authors like me…One of, if not the best, author coaches in America.
Dr. Dennis C. Golden,
President, Emeritus Fontbonne University
Dr. Larry provides practical, proven and doable pointers for marketing and selling who you are, and the message inside you that must be shared.
Dr. Jimmy Knott,
Teaching Pastor, First Baptist Orlando, FL
The pointers have equipped me to spread the message of my book in a more powerful way for God's glory. Thanks Dr. Larry!
Dawn D. Mitchell,
Author of "Light After a Layoff: Seven Spiritual Keys to Strengthen Resilience in the Midst of a Job Loss, Career Transition, or Professional Setback"
Larry Keefauver is man of insight, discretion, and wisdom. 
Chuck D. Pierce,
President, Glory of Zion International, Inc.
Larry Keefauver is a voice to our nation. He is articulate, informative, engaging and sure in his presentations.   
Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin,
Presiding Bishop of Covenant Fellowship International
Dr. Larry Keefauver…one of the most outstanding teachers and writers in the US Church today. His keen insights and wise observations are extraordinary. 
Ronald E. Cottle,
Ph. D., Ed. D. President, Beacon University 
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