What If Writing A Book 
Could Impact Your City For Christ?
The Ultimate Step by Step Course (29 Video Lessons) in How to Write,
 Publish and Market Your Book to Exponentially Grow Your Church

Does this sound anything like you?
 You're a Pastor with a heart to reach your community, city and even the world for Christ.
 You have a message that your church, community, region, and the world needs. 
 You have a desire to WRITE A BOOK...maybe even curriculum, courses and multiple books and more.
 You have a dream to reach people for Christ and even DOUBLE YOUR CHURCH in size in a year...
 While at the same time, your church members deepen their walk with God and grow in faith, unity and love . 
But the whole process may seem overwhelming.
 You may even have doubts that you have what it takes. If so, you are not alone.  Most Pastors who have written Best Sellers questioned their ability in the beginning. 
 Besides the doubts, the whole process of writing, publishing and marketing your book and then using the book to grow your church may seem so overwhelming.  You wonder where will I find the time...and how do I do it?
 It’s easy to see why most Pastors give up or never even try to fulfill their dream. They throw in the towel because they have no coach who has done it, and who can coach them through the process.
What If You Could Be Coached By the Leading Author Coach for Ministers?
Meet Dr. Larry Keefauver. He has written more than 60 books, including 15 Best Sellers, and served as a pastor of multiple churches, including a small rural church and a mega church of 6000 members.  

Dr. Larry has also ghostwritten and edited for hundreds of authors, including Josh McDowell, Garry Smalley, John Bevere, John Maxwell, Dr. Don Colbert, Benny Hinn, Robert A. Schuller, Carman, Robert Stearns, Tommy Barnett...

As a recipient of the ECPA Gold Medallion Award Merit and the former Senior Editor of Ministries Today, Dr. Larry has the experience, the wisdom and the knowledge to help you achieve your dream of writing a best selling book and growing your church.

Introducing Your Book Grows Your Church!
Dr. Larry has poured 40 years of insider knowledge into Book Grows A Church, a proven, step-by-step course that will help you write, publish and market your book, and show you how to use your book to double your church in 12 months.
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  • A workbook and helpful downloads to help you turn what you learn into a clear plan of action
  • More than $1,600 worth of bonuses, including an exclusive marketing strategy used by the top secular authors & speakers to develop their online business
  • A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk to you
What People Just Like You Say About Dr. Larry
A good portion of those in ministry and market place would love to write a great book, but simply do not know where to begin...Dr. Larry Keefauver provides just such a roadmap to achieve that dream for authors, both novice and professional. Who better to address the issues of writing a book from cover-to-cover than Larry Keefauver, having written 15 bestselling books...
-Marcus D. Lamb,
Founder – President, Daystar Television Network
Dr. Larry Keefauver is more than a master writer he is a messenger of God's word, a marvelous motivator and an outstanding mentor especially for new authors like me…One of, if not the best, author coaches in America.
-Dr. Dennis C. Golden,
President, Emeritus Fontbonne University
Dr. Larry provides practical, proven and doable pointers for marketing and selling who you are, and the message inside you that must be shared.
-Dr. Jimmy Knott,
Teaching Pastor, First Baptist Orlando, FL
Discover Why Writing Your Book May Be 
Your Best Church Growth Strategy
This is a comprehensive 29-session video course that will cover all your questions
—plus some you didn’t even know you had.
MODULE 1: Preparation

What are the 3 Keys to Successfully Grow Your Church with your book? How do you focus, fight through distractions, and finish writing your book and grow your church with your book? How will your book give answers, meet needs, and heal hurts of the churched and unchurched? How do I write to market?

MODULE 2: Writing Your Book

How do I write, edit, and prepare my book for publishing in 100 days? What's editing, proofing, ghostwriting, etc.? How do I take a "homerun" series of messages/teaching and use them to write a book? What writing tips do I need to know to become a better writer?

MODULE 3: Planning for Church Growth

How do I and my church build teams to grow and double our church in a year while also growing my church members spiritually? Who are the people outside my church that will be reached and impacted by my message?

MODULE 4: Publishing Your Book

What do I need to know about traditional publishing vs. self-publishing? Do I need an agent, publicist, editor, coach, distributor, website, or professional help beyond my church?

MODULE 5: Marketing Your Book

How do I use the Internet and social media to market my book? How do our church members get involved in taking my book outside the church walls? How does a book launch help grow a church?

MODULE 6: Resources & Tools

What resources and people are there to help me and our church grow? What are the important next steps to get started?

The pointers have equipped me to spread the message of my book in a more powerful way for God's glory. Thanks Dr. Larry!
-Dawn D. Mitchell,
Author of "Light After a Layoff: Seven Spiritual Keys to Strengthen Resilience in the Midst of a Job Loss, Career Transition, or Professional Setback"
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(Save $70)
This Is Proven, Market-Tested Advice
Although there’s no guarantee for publishing and church growth success, this course will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR CHANCES. If you do the work and follow the steps, you’ll see results. We guarantee it.
Why? Because this program eliminates the guesswork. This course teaches you precisely what does work—and how to implement it. 
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Writing, Publishing, Marketing and Growing Your
Church is Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible
Take advantage now before the course goes away until we open registration to the public,
which will be some time in 2018.
PAY UPFRONT (Save $70)
(Save $70)
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